The Journey of Joyous Living Begins!

blue bonnet field

How appropriate that spring is fully underway and my writing website is too!  Welcome to my new blog, ­where joyous living is the inspiration and topics range as freely as the spring winds.

Why now, you ask?

For those that know me, this process started two years ago. Academically trained as a writer, I realized that it was time to return to the art. I thought I was ready but first life threw me a few curve balls; the passage of a parent, a new life partnership and relocation to a new state. Apparently, my writing had to simmer in the pot just a little longer.

Though shocking, those curve balls have been a gift. Fueled by their transformative nature these changes have provided me a new power. Firmly rooted in strength, I am a fully mature woman expressing the ongoing joy of a child.

dandelion 2

 In other words, today I am the writer I’ve longed to become!

With my rejuvenated sense of purpose, you must wonder what will you find here? Hopefully well written articles that spark your own curiosity and sense of humor. Perhaps even your own sense of exploration. I can promise you this, dear reader, you will indeed find variety in my postings!

a Lil exerciseBe prepared for entries regarding fitness and the health sciences.  Watch short videos of fun activities, mini-­interviews and cool events.

Cupcake Sushi Key West 2015

Look forward to yummy recipes and tips from various foodies ­including my chef brother. (Yes, I am one seriously lucky sister!)


Whether you agree or not, taste a sampling of perspectives in my Opinion Editorials. Be forewarned, I will speak often of women’s issues, gratitude and the concepts of right livelihood.

Feel the exuberant bite of my travel bug as I highlight incredible places to visit.Palm Tree - St. Croix Jungle Walk 2015


Enjoy my unsolicited reviews of books, products, eateries, movies, music and interesting things to do. I am undeniably a book worm, so there will be plenty of reading suggestions!

happy in chalk

Learn some new communication techniques as I highlight healthy relationship building.

Last but not least, witness hilarious snapshots of my ongoing servitude to the dogs in my life!

drivin da dogz

So dear reader, whether you are here for the facts or just for the fun, I hope that my love of words and exploration proves to be a gift to you. It is with my deepest gratitude that I invite you to share my in my journey towards Joyous Living!

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